Skin Care On A Daily Basis
by Bart Icles

Skincare can be an easy daily part of your routine if you make a simple and effective plan and stick to it. There is no way to get healthy skin unless you put time aside to care for your skin, just like you can't expect to have a beautiful flower garden without planned work and care of it. So what are some important aspects of a routine for healthy skin?

First- Determine what skin type yours is. There are 4 major skin types- Oily, Normal, Dry or Combination.

Oily skin types struggle because they have too much the oil your skin needs to stay healthy. Their battle is monitoring the levels of moisture on their face. Normal skin although called normal is actual more rare. It has a good place of oils and only struggles occasionally with oil levels. This skin type needs to make sure they face wash is very mild and isn't adding unnecessary moisture to their skin.

Dry skin is just that, dry. There isn't enough of the helpful oil in their pores and so in order to keep a healthy appearance they need to incorporate lotions.

And Combination skin has patches of both oily and dry. They may need lotion in one area of their face and not in others.

Once you have determined which skin type you are you need to find a face wash that will give your skin what it needs. Be sure to plan a time daily when you can wash your face but make sure you are only doing it once a day. It is hard on your skin if you are constantly stripping everything from it 2 or 3 times a day.

Be cautious in how you treat your zits and blemishes. Yes they are a visible problem but you have to remember that they are very sensitive. Picking at them will only harm them more and turn them into permanent scars. Instead find a cream that will dry them out and apply that regularly. It will keep your skin from unnecessary scars and pock marks.

Finally be sure to apply sunscreen to your skin regularly. The sun is the strongest enemy of your skin it is really harsh and a daily habit of applying a low SPF sunscreen will give your skin the protection it needs. The effects of the sun aren't often seen until later years but if you start now you will be ahead then.

About the Author:
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